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Clean-dirty Dishwasher Magnet. FINALLY no more frustrating dishwasher mistakes!

Big 3.5” size instantly tells you clean or dirty

Super-brilliant eye-grabbing vivid color

Rock-hard protective finish lasts a lifetime

Cute gift idea. Attractive gift box included FREE!

100% Handmade in the USA by Aloha Girls Gifts

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Unlike many other other magnets, we use a proprietary process to apply a super-brilliant, eye-grabbing vivid full-color image. You won't believe how the images literally pop off the magnet until you see it in person. And because we cover the images with a rock-hard turtle-like finish, the image will stay perfect for years to come! Most magnets you find in stores come with a mylar plastic finish that will eventually crack, scratch and peel-off. The Aloha Girls Gifts dishwasher magnet will last a lifetime! The actual magnet backing is unique. It will not slip, mar, or scratch your dishwasher surface. And it leaves no residue behind like the suction cup type magnets! Plus, our magnets are made from 100% durable aluminum (not plastic!) and will never rust or corrode for the life of the product. Gift Box Included! Many of our customers use our Aloha Girls Gifts fun retro-style magnet as a gift to friends and family. We get so many comments from our customers that they love our cute and attractive gift box. We include this attractive gift box with your order. The total package- the unique product images, its attractive appearance, and our exclusive gift box makes this into a real fun and different gift idea! Proudly Handmade in the USA! This is not your "Chinese-look-alike" magnet found in many stores.This is a premium-quality 100% made-in-America product you will be proud to display in your kitchen for a long-time to come! Unlike other companies, we are not just "based" in America, we actually produce them right here in Jacksonville, Florida!








$9.99 Click HERE to buy Cowgirl on Amazon
UPC: 755426000638

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