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Big 3-D Dishwasher Magnet Shouts Out Clean or Dirty. No more mess ups. Sticks to any surface.







HIGH QUALITY 3D DESIGN: Clean & Dirty signs written in Big Fonts and in Black & White for easy visibility. Unique Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down 3D indicators.


WORKS ON METALLIC & NON-METALLIC DISHWASHERS: Magnet sticks perfectly to all metallic dishwashers and comes with a unique attachment just in case magnets don't stick to your non magnetic dishwasher. Made from safe soft rubber.


NO MORE CONFUSION: It's so easy now to leave directions for your husband, wife, spouse, children, parents, nanny or colleagues. Ideal kitchen gadget for your home, office or restaurant.


PREMIUM PACKAGING: The Dishwasher Clean and Dirty Sign Magnet by De Dazzle comes nicely packed in a beautiful cardboard box which makes it a perfect gift for friends and family on any occasion.


BIG MAGNET: Can be seen easily from anywhere in the kitchen, preventing frustrating and costly dishwasher mistakes BEFORE they occur!


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UPC: 646437957137

Isn't it irritating to pull out your dishwasher to find dirty, smelly dishes. Or having to wash the dishes again because you don't know whether they are clean or dirty.

Don't worry. The
De Dazzle's Dishwasher Magnet is here to solve the problem.

The Dishwasher Clean Dirty Magnet is 2.5 inches in diameter and has big Clean and Dirty signs in black and white to indicate clearly whether the dishes are Clean or Dirty. Simply place it on your dishwasher and manually rotate it to Clean when the dishes inside are Clean and rotate it to Dirty when the dishes inside are Dirty.

The dishwasher indicator is made from safe soft rubber which will not rust, does not leave scratches on you dishwasher, has a high quality 3D design with Clean written on a white background and Dirty written on a black background along with unique Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down signs both of which point upwards when the magnet is set to Clean and downwards when the magnet is set to Dirty.

A very unique feature about this dishwasher clean and dirty sign is that it works on both metallic and non-metallic stainless steel dishwashers.

Most dishwashers are made of ferric metal and this dishwasher magnet will stick firmly to these dishwashers.

For non-metallic or non-ferric dishwashers, this product comes with an additional attachment which is a metal piece with tape on one side. If the dishwasher magnet doesn't stick firmly to your dishwasher, simply find an appropriate spot and stick this metal piece to your dishwasher, place the magnet on this metal piece and start using it normally.

Set of 5 Colorful De Dazzle 4x6 Inch Refrigerator Photo Frame Magnets.




5 MAGNETIC PHOTO FRAMES (Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Pink, and Green). EASY to change pictures.


PERFECT FOR ANYTHING 4 x 6 INCHES: pictures, artwork, notes, reminders, messages, lists, or images.


STRONG GRIP. Sticks firmly to fridge, file cabinet, dishwasher, school locker, or anything metallic.


NICE FOR: Family, Teachers, Co-Workers, Friends, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more.


DURABLE SOFT RUBBER. Leaves no marks, smudges, or nicks. EASY to clean. Will last forever.

$11.99 Click HERE to buy on Amazon
UPC: 646437677165



This set of 5 colorful Photo Magnets by De Dazzle is a perfect way to make your kitchen, bedroom, office cabinet, school locker, gym locker or any other area more beautiful and personalize it with the memories of your son, dad, mom, grandparents, aunt, nephew, niece, wife, husband, cat, dog, pet and loved ones. Just place the magnet frame right over your picture. It’s so easy.


De Dazzle Magnetic Photo Frames Set consists of magnetic picture frames for refrigerator in 5 bright colors: Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Pink and Green. Each magnet is made from safe soft rubber which is sturdy and durable. These magnetic photo frames can be cleaned easily using a wet cloth and stick firmly to any ferrous metallic surface like your refrigerator.


Visible display area is 3.15 inches by 4.7 inches. 

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